Wednesday, June 20, 2018

May 2018

May started off with a quick overnight trip to Oklahoma City for just the two of us. We explored the city just a bit, ate a delicious steak dinner and then walked over to see one of favorite artists perform, Ben Folds!
It was so good to have some time just the two of us! We clearly didn't pay attention to the concert details ahead of time, but were pleasantly surprised to walk in and find out he was playing with the OKC Symphony Orchestra! It was a wonderful night of music.

Back at home, it finally started to feel and look like spring!
Kingston Family Vineyards sent us a big box of Rose wine, it's so yummy!
Levi had a piano recital and did a wonderful job, like always!
And Noah played percussion and sang in the choir at the Junior High Spring Concert. He's playing the timpani in the photo below. 
Noah's track team won the League Track meet for 7th Grade boys (the 6th graders compete as 7th graders in Jr. High track).
He had a great season, jumping a little further every meet!
The cold weather delayed my planting of spinach and lettuce, but it finally got planted and sprouted by the middle of May.
The weather was fickle this spring, some annuals sat in my garage for about a month before finally getting planted outside.
I joined Levi's class on their field trip. The first stop was at Goessel's Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum for a tour of how our town came to be. The next stop was at Kevin Hiebert's farm to learn about the Native Americans who used to live, hunt and travel through Kansas.

Then we went to Coronado Heights for lunch and to Lindsborg to visit the Red Barn Studio museum. It was a fun day and it's always a hoot to hang out with Levi's class for a day.
Fresh cuts! They always look so good with fresh haircuts.
Our friend Kreed celebrated his First Communion on Mother's Day and we were honored to be invited to join their family for church that day. This was the most serious photo I could get of these two goofballs. :-)

We enjoyed rhubarb from the garden. Sadly, our strawberry patch died this spring. But at least our rhubarb made it! And a new strawberry patch has been started.
Speaking of goofballs, these two made videos of themselves and then giggled and giggled while we all watched them. It was more entertaining to watch them giggle at themselves then it was to watch the dizzying videos they created.
We laughed and drooled and laughed some more playing that silly game where you put the plastic spacers in your mouth and try to talk! It was hilarious!!!
Our two constant pets, Wilbur and Fancy, really like each a lot. :-)
Last day of school!!!!
And here's a flashback to the first day of school! 
They certainly did a lot of growing during the school year. We are thankful for the experiences, learning and growing our boys did in school this past year!

Might as well celebrate summer break with s'mores, right?!

Golf continues to be of interest to both boys, it sure is handy to have a nice golf course just a few miles from our house.
Awwww, my love for fresh grown lettuce and spinach is BIG! It never lasts as long as I wish it would. We barely had spring this year, so only after a few cuttings it all turned bitter in the dumb Kansas heat. But it was so, so good while it lasted!
We dipped our toes into club basketball by letting Noah play basketball on an MAYB team from Hesston. He had a good experience, but it was certainly a weekend FULL of basketball for our family.
The team won the tournament in their age division!
All that basketball watching wore Levi out, too.
Our own strawberries didn't produce, but I was able to pick these from the school garden when we took care of it for a week. What a treat!!
Our good friends from Nebraska came for a visit! A big game of baseball was taking place until it suddenly started pouring rain (hence Levi wearing his bathrobe)!
Sometimes, you just need to sit on the front porch and relax, right?
I told you we got rhubarb. It was a rainy evening, so it seemed like the right time to make another yummy pie. :-)
We ended May with some nice rains. Thank goodness we got those rains in May, you never know how long it'll be until it rains again!

Friday, May 18, 2018

April, 2018

Celebrating Easter was a lovely way to start the month of April - although it was windy and COLD! So, the Epp cousin Easter basket/egg hunt happened inside the big machine shed this year. :-)
 April also brought the start of a new sport for our family. Noah started track and at the first track meet he competed in long jump, the 100 meter hurdles and the Medley relay.
 I always thought the best part of track was hanging out with my friends, I think a lot of kids still feel that way.
 The chicks we added to the farm were just as cute and sweet as they could possibly be.
 The weather was anything but sweet.
 Ben and I have a soft spot for Middle-Eastern food and one weekend we really tackled it by making chicken shawarma, tzatziki and falafel. Oh me, oh my, maybe we should make that again this weekend!

 Finally, the weather (and soil) warmed up enough for the farmers to plant corn.

 And I started buying plants!
 These were my fun finds at the Kansas MCC Sale.
 More track meets! Levi lucked out because most of the track meets were at Goessel this year so he could just walk down the street from his school and join us.
 After the first meet, Noah started doing triple jump instead of long jump, and ran the 200 meter hurdles instead of the 100 meter hurdles. The medley relay team got first at most of their meets, which was a lot of fun for him!
 The chicks got kinda ugly and awkward,
 and we finally got the garden started.
 I bought more plants, even though it was too cold (still) to plant them.
 And we got the boys a membership to Pine Edge Golf Course (my uncle's golf course) so the boys have enjoyed playing golf quite a bit this spring - even when the weather doesn't seem quite right for it...
 In true farm-family fashion, on the way home one evening, Ben stopped the car to check on a corn field. The boys eagerly hopped out and followed him. So he showed them how he checks on the corn seed and, good news, it was sprouting!
 More track!
 And, after a couple years, we finally got to enjoy eating asparagus out of our own garden this spring!
 I went with a couple friends to George's French Bistro in Wichita and just loved everything about it. The space is gorgeous, the food was amazing and we had such a nice evening together!
 Now this looks like golfing weather!
 It's hard to tell, but my mom and the boys were laughing so hard together about something happening in the backseat of our car that I just had to take a picture. I love hearing them laugh together!
 And....more track! :-)