Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 2017

June! What a glorious and crazy busy month! 

 The wheat turning from green to yellow.
 Fun at my aunt and uncle's pool!
 And they got a puppy - isn't she adorable?!?!
 My cousin Braden got married!
 And we had a great time enjoying their reception,
 sparkler send-off
 and all!
 As a reward for starting summer off well (there is a whole check-list system and daily expectations, etc.) we took the boys to All-Star Sports for some fun!
 Mini golf is tough!
 But we had a great time golfing and
 driving Go Karts!
 The boys each played on a baseball team this year, which kept us on our toes getting to four games a week!

 My co-worker Karin and I found time for the kids to have a lemonade stand in North Newton.
 I used up some of the last strawberries and rhubarb to make a crisp.
 June = wheat harvest

 But wheat harvest almost always seems to bring thunderstorms with it!

 Levi and I climbed up the grain bin to watch the wheat get cut around the farm at sunset.

 Noah was so worn out one day I found him asleep on the concrete of our front porch!
  Wheat harvest also means hours of soybean planting for Ben.
 I'm so thankful that Ben worked at getting my barn quilt hung up outside. I painted it years ago, but he put the finishing touches on an got it up!
Hanging out with cousin Rylee at the pool!
These two are really funny together! I just LOVE this photo - it captures them so well. :-)
Noah spent a full week at Camp Mennoscah and had a great time!!
We got 5 rabbits. I'm not quite sure why...but the boys were interested and so we have them.

We also have a couple keep the weeds down.
Noah enjoyed pitching in baseball this year.
Even though most of the time he looks somber and slightly tired....he really did have fun playing!
The boys each claimed one of our old phones and now are busy being child Instagramers....
Here's Levi's team after their last game. I think Noah's team was too cool for a team photo. ;-)

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